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After the agreement in 2015, between Iran and the P5+1 on the nuclear programme, Iran has become very (more) popular export market for foreigners.But especially European and Turkish companies has still hesitate to make business with this one of the biggest country in MiddleEast because of the country has been a black box for the world for a long time.

Why is IRAN market difficult?

  • Companies have no enough idea/knowledge/experience about the country
  • There is no international validity of the agreement signed with Iranian companies.
  • Habits, culture and rules of trade are different than ours (Westerns).
  • The banking system is still problem. International credit institutions are not active yet in the country.

How can you trade with IRAN?

Our company has been doing business with İran since 2011 in the fields of energy, industrial, agricultural, petrochemical. Also we do provide consultancy for companies who would like to make business in İran.

We are at service of your esteemed companies for the following points:

  • FOR EXPORT, We can present your products in Iran market by our sale network. You can sale directly to Iran, or You can transit your goods by our company.
  • FOR IMPORT, We can guide you to find best and cheapest materials by our local partners. You can purchase/import directly from Iranian suppliers, or You can recieve goods through our company.
  • FOR INVESTMENT, We can share all local opportunities with you and we can organise all producers.

What can you export to IRAN?

  • Automotive spare part, agricultural machine, working machine, electrical machines, white goods, electrical household appliances, telecominication tools and spare parts,
  • Industrial furnaces,
  • Steel and products from steel
  • Cereal products (wheat, barley, rice, corn, sugar, soybean), vegetable oils (sunflower oil, soybean oil, palm oil),
  • Construction materials (almost all products related to infrastructure and superstructure projects),
  • Cosmetic products,
  • Textile products, clothing, woven fabric, yarn
  • Golden, jewelry,
  • Hygiene and cleaning products (baby cloth, towel, detergent, toothpaste), paper,

What can you import from IRAN?

  • Mineral fuels and oils,
  • Petroleum and petrochemical products (polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, bitumen),
  • Organic chemicals,
  • Iron ore, aluminum,
  • Saffron, walnut, fresh fruits and snacks.

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