Our company, KOÇAŞ Import & Export, is at your service to provide best offers. Please kindy see some of our products in the following list:

1. Industrial

  • From TURKEY, Industrial products (ceramic fiber blankets (blanket), ceramic fiber plate (board), ceramic fiber paper (paper), ceramic fiber modules (z-block), ceramic tiles (roles), refractory bricks (isolated fire bricks), resistant wires, refractory concrete, ceramic fiber gasket (seal).
  • Industrial furnace from TURKEY
  • Spare parts of oil and gas turbines (OEM and non OEM)
  • Automotive spare parts from TURKEY
  • Agricultural machinery from TURKEY

2. Agriculture And Food

  • Vermicompost from TURKEY
  • Wheat, barley rice (grains) from UKRAINE and RUSSIA
  • Saffron from IRAN
  • Sunflower oil, sunflower seed and walnuts from UKRAINE
  • Wooden products from UKRAINE and AFRICA
  • Cofffe bean from AFRICA

3. Petroleum and Petrochemical

  • Polietilen (HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE)
  • Polipropilen(PP)
  • Polistren (PS)
  • PVC
  • Bitumen

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